It took me this long to open my mouth again… so much about that working mode! No, honestly, my Gym isn’t open yet, and I must get this out.

We had an interesting meeting with my good friends yesterday. We were talking about, how could we make the FightBack go international, and my good friend told us, that he had received one kinda negative response, as he shared documentary teaser. I don’t know the exact words, but it went somehow like this: “Why should I feel pity, for some rich white kid, who has crashed in a SKIING accident?”

This made me thinking about pity. And about, how I don’t want to be pitied! The fact that I overshot the kicker and almost died, was my own fault. NOBODY forced me to jump! I wanted to jump myself! The blast of wind was just one of multiple possible, unlikely… hazards that I dealt with. The possibility of things going down like they did, might’ve been very tiny, but I survived, after all! When things went as wrong, as they did… it was really a miracle! I’m so grateful. This is what I want to share with ALL of You, my love for life! And that it’s definitely worth to fight for.

I want to share positivity, the love for life and all that. I can keep on improving day by day, and I will also learn to speak more fluently. Thank God my speech is already understandable. I want to share my story and make everyone to see, how you can get through hard times, and still love life. I’m not bitter. Being bitted would only be negative. Instead I love positivity, I’m happy and I want you all to be happy too! LET’S BE HAPPY! 😉

This was a long day and I’m shaking! I need to get rid of that. But I stand with the smile! 🙂



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