I have spent pretty much the last four and a half years thinking, that the best days of my life have already passed. I was a professional freeskier, and nothing, absolutely nothing can ever even compete with that. I am a happy person, I appreciate life the most, but I still have had this emptiness inside of me for years. Until today.

I was reading the FightBook and living the end of the winter 2012. It’s probably my 10th time reading it, but this time it hit me, a before only negative thing, felt so positive. “Damn, I can’t ski professionally anymore.” That used to be horrible. My life may not be as free and careless nowadays, but DAMN! Now I can make a difference.

That’s something I would’ve been unable to ever do, hadn’t I fell to the bottom first. Fighting back to be able to get up was the hardest thing that I’ve endured, but I believe that the worst must be already behind.

I’ve been numerously told “You must love that. You’re able to inspire people, to change the life’s of others”, maybe even hundreds of times, but I’ve just thought that… “nobody knows…” Which is true, no one could have known what skiing meant to me. It was my everything. Everyone must have known it relatively, but not actually.

Back to today. This was the first time I honestly thought that, this change in my life, was a positive one after all. Now, I can honestly appreciate everything what I might be able to do in someone else’s life. People have told to me, it’s a great thing, but not until now have I actually realized myself, how GREAT it really is.  

This is unbelievable. As if, I had realized the purpose for my life now. Skiing was a thing that brought the most joy to my own life before and it still gives me a lot, but sharing the FightBack is better. Not FightBack – the brand, but FightBack – my story. How everything is possible, making others to believe too. I feel like I’d be a messenger for good now – I love my life now.

I believe my life has a purpose.

I’m hungry. I believe, no – I know I’ve got a task.



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