Life is getting back to an everyday-lifestyle. It’s quite interesting to see, what is it like if I don’t write. I won’t write today, but no one knows what’ll tomorrow bring with it. I will keep writing my book, when something interesting happens. The the book is not ready, even though I thought it was.

I thought so, yes. However, a publisher has a word or two to say, about when it gets published… We have been in contact about it, with the biggest publisher in Finland. They didn’t think that at least the english-story is ready, yet. In my own eyes it’s because, the story starts from the best days of my life so far, I should Fight my way Back to the top. Maybe even a bit higher…

Right now I’ll concentrate to live my life actively. I’ll go to gym almost daily, I’ll blog about things and I’ll concentrate on FightBack’s things. As I have time now, I want to make the FightBack bigger, and WAY better. I’m dreaming of getting it spread abroad. I will have to start doing something about it.

The next winters beanie's!! On these sample's the logo just is upside-down... The grey one is my favorite!

The next winters beanie’s!! On these sample’s the logo just is upside-down… The grey one is my favorite!



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