-New York Times just published a story of how, “Ski Helmet Use Isn’t Reducing Brain Injuries”.

You can read the story from that^ link up there, but just as I stated on the headline… I disagree very. I disagree, a lot. As a TBI sustained skier myself, I can honestly say that no, the helmet use didn’t reduce the TBI of mine, completely… But without the helmet, which didn’t reduce my TBI from happening… I would’ve just died. I’m not even joking. My feedback for this New York Times article, is just that:  Helmets may not’t prevent that many brain injuries, but they do save lives. A lot of lives. I can straight away name a handful of guys, who’d be dead, hadn’t they had a helmet on.

The New York Times should, -in my own opinion… be the biggest and the most viewed media in the world, and publish anything like this. The fact that they’d say so, is just unbelievable. What if someone quits their usage of helmets, after reading that. And then they pass away, after sustaining a mediocre crash… with no helmet on their head.

Michael Schumacher cruising, on the good days.

Michael Schumacher cruising, on the good days.

This story may have been written, just because the situation with Michael Schumacher. From that I have kept the mouth of my own shut, until this, and I won’t open up from that a lot, now either… I just must say that, there are so various kinds of TBI’s, and I won’t try to predict any kind of outcome from this, since I’m not a doctor. I wouldn’t dare to predict anything, even if I were one… cause my own experiences of the Doctors’ predictions, are not that solid.

To the end I can compress my opinion on this matter: “Ski helmet use may not REDUCE brain injuries, but it does SAVE lives.”

-Thank you. //PH



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