– I’m referring to my limit, up ^ there…

We tried to find it with Tuomo this morning, and that, was MULTIPLE hours ago, but I’m still feeling exhausted. But… this is what I’m asking for? I’m always asking, if today I could go to the limit, and TODAY, Tuomo generously offered me a ride there. It sucked. I mean, it was horrible… but, I loved it.

And today’s workout, wasn’t anyhow a spectacular of a workout. It was just 15 rounds of 3 pull-ups in a minute. No photos of them, but I pulled up on rings. After it… Tuomo said “this is going to be fun…;)” I of course knew what this meant. But Tuomo assured me anyways, that he even knew how bad it sucked, but he also knew… that I could take it. 50kcal in rowing – 50 squats, 40-40, 30-30, 20-20, 10-10.

As fast, as possible. My ass hurts.





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