No, I’m not gonna talk to you just about being home again. Even though, I must admit that, this feels great. Especially, since the past few weeks have been really hectic ones, for me… Being home would sound just boring though, to you. I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to, since I got to Finland on Wed-Thu night.

First, when we landed, and my Mom gave me a ride to my father’s. You know that already, but what you don’t know, begins on Thursday night. I went training with Topi, again. What I accomplished on Thursday-night, may sound like nothing, to you… but I can tell you that, it’s a quite HUGE of a thing, for me. I found the left one of my glutes! I know it may sound like no biggie, but really, it is! Before I could’ve pedaled on the cross trainer for ages, without getting any response, but now I got it. Some connections got re-dialed. I’m very stoked.

Thursday night's session.

Thursday night’s session (after/before the pedaling partS…)

Also, on Thursday night, my GF Viivia, came to Espoo. I would’ve of course wanted her to come straight away to my arms, but not this time… it wasn’t okay for the residents of the house, I was crashing at… This meant of course that, we had to get the wheels spinning. Get me out of there, get me a place where my Viivus could come as well. That place was the Scandic hotel Marski. Scandic offered us a great room to stay at, and I sincerely hope they will do that in the future too. It’s just so easy, to be accommodated, in the centre of Helsinki, get everything handled top notch, and stay in such a lovely hotel.

On Saturday we went to Lahti, to watch the Pelicans – Jokerit, hockey match. It was a great match, and even though Pelicans got their ass handed to them, by Jokerit, I had a great time. And I believe Pelicans will rise, the Pelicans will Fight, Back.

The reason, why were we there, in the first place, was that Pelicans invited us, bought a stack of beanies from us, and gave us a desk to sell them from. So in the end, we sold those out of everywhere beanies, I took photos with my fans, we got a lovely dinner, and Jokerit ruined the whole case, by being so talented. No hate towards Jokerit, they just were better that night. Pelicans will Fight Back.

Now I’m at home, and my buddy’s going to come and give me a massage, I will relax tonight, and tomorrow, I will go to gym. Tomorrow, I will do also the homework Topi gave for me. After all, I’m on #MyWay2TheFinishline



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