The last few days have been a hassle. Of course, this is, only a fault of my own. We did the mini doc, about my fight back, and about the brand of mine, the FightBack. You most likely have already seen it, but if not, it’s here; 

Pekka Hyysalo – FightBack – Mini Documentary from SMB Productions on Vimeo.

I tried to embed it here, but when it didn’t work at all, I gave up… But, now I called my coder buddy, the one who’s behind all the new stuff on my website, and he made it work, maybe!


My internet, and my cellphone, quit their cooperation with me this morning. I was really mad, both for my operator, Xxxxxx and my cellphone. I wrote this:

Back To Business – Thanks…

The last few days, have been crazy. I just came home from Elixia, today’s agenda, was Xycling, 45min. I had a really pleasant surprise waiting for me as I got down to business… My internet connection had been frozen, because I hadn’t paid the bill… which was marked AS a DIRECT DEBIT. It was their own fault, they just hadn’t claimed their money…

Thanks a lot.

Had this happened last week, I hadn’t minded… or of course, I had. But this wouldn’t have been that bad, on ANY other week, but now… right NOW, as there are people, who actually want to reach me. I could’ve made a difference.

I very sarcastically love you, Xxxxxx 🙂

But now to the fun part, you can watch me sweat this morning. Of course you may just think that, it’s disgusting… but then again, just LOOK AT ME!!?

BTW, as you’re reading this, I’m not Xxxxxx’s customer anymore, I just switched the operator of mine.

This is going to be a big blogpost.

Let’s go back to fun, and active morning!

And to stretch, a bit.

And to stretch, a bit.

I'm going Xycling.

I’m going Xycling.

I'm a sweaty Xycler.

I’m a sweaty Xycler.

And the other side of my belly.

And the other side of my belly.

After the Xycling, I went to play to the gym. I went to play with my belly ;)

After the Xycling, I went to play to the gym. I went to play with my belly 😉




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