First of all, I want to wish you all a very successful and happy New Year, as well… That headline, was just more of a note to myself kinds thing…

How could I know this is going to be awesome?

-I have a feeling. What, and why?

I feel myself stronger,steadier and all that… because of this Cryo treatment I’ve been going to. It‘s exciting. -100 – -120C… very freezing. But not that cold at all. It‘s so unbelievably freezing, that your skin can‘t really understand it‘s cold… You can stay there some minutes, and the results are simply that – awesome.



Your brain starts to produce all kinds of hormones and your metabolism get‘s hyped. And the feeling afterwards… – I love it!

What about the results?

-I’ve just been there three times, but already I‘m noticing things, like my hands acting steadier, than in years. Almost surely, we will see more progress in the close future. I will let you know!

Happy New Year!!




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