Congratulations! Right on the FIRST guess, it’s me! I just had a nice drop back to reality, for real, really nice. We just had a presentation in Atria 100 Nuorta Kokkia- thing… I had it again with Makke, the Man(aging machine…)

We came back to Finland last night, and currently, I’m sitting on a train going BACK home. My GF’s already there, so everything’s gonna be ready for me (in my dreams… ;))

The speech was almost the same kind of speech we had in Vierumäki, except that we, or at least Makke, faced some technical difficulties. That’s why we (he) had to improvize. Although, this one went at least as great! Maybe it was, cause I felt myself a bit more comfortable speaking in front of everyone now. The main thing again must’ve been that, the feedback we got was super positive! Even though people think I were somehow good, I’m gonna get a lot better and I’ll give more presentations in the future. Maybe you’ll get to participate one someday 😉

Again I had a mic on my hand! It was an advantage both, cause I thought I looked more professional… and cause everyone could hear me.

Ps. In tomorrow’s post we are going to watch some better photos from Madeira. It’s not because the face behind the camera would’ve been prettier than mine (it WAS that, too…) but cause the photos are taken with a REAL camera, instead a phone…

Yesterday I was there! Now I’m BACK, though 🙂



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