Good morning everyone, or it’s almost mid-day already… But as I started writing, I just ate my second, after working out breakfast, so I can say good morning! My own morning has been really good. It began by waking up at 6.15, brushing my teeth and drinking some hempseed, quark, banana and milk shake, which my GF made me, AKA my first breakfast.

I got to gym at 6.55, worked out 35 minutes myself (warmed up, did pushups and 1st two sets of bench press…) Then at 7.30 my Personal Trainer Lauri came along and we did other chest- and triceps-stuff for an hour. This was a really good workout, but it still felt a bit weird that someone was doing all the dirty work for you… At 8.30, our hour was over and I went to work on my mid-body.

After a good 20 minutes belly+back workout, soaked in sweat, I was walking through the first floor gym and someone yelled “Hey, Pekka, wait!” I had no idea who it was, but I stopped of course. He said that I wasn’t even supposed to know who he was, but he knew me and was stoked of my spirit. He was working for the TPS-football team and invited me to a match sometime. I suggested the FightBack-caps for TPS’s football team, he was stoked and I gave him my email-address, after which he said he’s gonna contact me. Good things will happen.

The reason for the headline was, that even though I had no idea whatsoever about this, I was bright and positive today. I try to be like that everyday. It’s scientifically proved fact, that people who are always positive, just have a lot more fun and thus, life is easier for them. As all of you know, this was an self evident fact, which I took out of nowhere… But try to live your life positively, be nice to everyone and good things’ll just happen!!

This was this morning's 2nd breakfast! Vemma protein shake (Vemma+banana, hemp seeds, an egg and milk!) and really good porridge!

This was this morning’s 2nd breakfast! Vemma protein shake (Vemma+banana, hemp seeds, an egg and milk!) and really good porridge!



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