I know I’m not in an actual debt to anyone, except the Danskebank, but I still feel like I want to give something back to everyone, who has supported me. The support may have been monetary, spiritual or just passing by, and giving a high five and saying cheers!

I’ve never skied for any energy drink brand. It’s mainly, cause I couldn’t get to Red Bull. I’ve never believed into energy drinks, but I’ve drank them every now and then, back in the days. Now I’ve woken up though, what kind of toxic waste they are for your body. Really, they are just sugar, caffeine, taurine and a bunch of additives. That’s also the reason, why I wasn’t too hopeful, when my good buddy Jesper told me about this “Vemma”…

They had an introduction event here in Turku and I went to check out what was this Vemma…? They gave me a can of Vemma “Verve energy drink” and told me to drink it. It tasted a bit weird, but really good. It was like no other energy drink I’ve ever tasted. Then they had the introduction, after which Jesper’s friend, Danny, told me to grab some products if I’d want to… I wanted to.

I searched the World Wide Web on last week, to find out if Vemma really was some miracle juice. I didn’t find an answer to that. I however, did find an answer to many questions I did not ask for. Mangosteen might be a super fruit, but you can get it from other juices as well… Then, about the Verve – the HEALTHY energy drink: I didn’t find any proof for its healthiness. One thing I can believe to, is that it’s not as UNHEALTHY.

The Verve may have many ingredients, which are healthy, like a bunch of vitamins and stuff… But there’s a lot of “stuff”, which isn’t healthy. Energy drinks, just aren’t healthy…

Now to the good stuff! Danny also gave me some of this protein powder “Vemma Bod E”. This whole Bod E- line, is made for overweight people. For weight loss… But however, the products also contain lots of protein, AND healthy vitamins. On top of that, I really like the taste of the Vemma Bod E vanilla shake. Watch this video and figure out what you think about it: Here.
To everyone who’s willing to try some Vemma products (from already existing products, I’d go with the shake and the basic drink), buy them HERE

I will keep you informed in case I’ll find something out. The Vemma Bod e Verve, shall come out on September. It may be good…

I was drinking the Verve, seriously.

I was drinking the Verve, seriously.

This is what happened to the empty can, when I found out the ingredients... This is what happened to the empty can, when I found out the ingredients…[/caption]



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