First of all, I know that there are no ghettos anywhere near Turku, but instead of going to Elixia this morning, I decided to try to be ghetto… I went running. Running isn’t ghetto, no. But I went for it, and for a little jog to Turun Urheilupuisto. The jogging ring has equipment in a few spots for; pull-ups, abs and some “women’s stuff…” on the side of it. They are not ghetto, but I got the feeling of doing a “ghetto workout”. It was really rough.

Like all of you know, I’m not a very talented runner, yet. I started this workout walking to Urheilupuisto running track at 7’ish. I ran the whole track of 400m, crashing ONLY ONCE! That crash was a very unlucky coincidence, which just happened as my legs formed a knot, all of a sudden whilst the running action… I fell and then, I remembered what my head band was saying. I rose up, fought BACK, and went around the the somewhat 1400m long jogging ring.

I did abs, pushups and two different kinds of pull-ups on the workout spots on the ring. I ran every uphill on the ring and strolled the downhills and flats.

While going around, I couldn’t think but one thing: “Dude, this CAN’T BE SO HARD. YOU’RE GOING TO RUN A MARATHON!”

All I can say is that, yes I am definitely going to do it. But there’s a long way to go. I was so done this morning. Many morning jogs, and ghetto workouts, to go. Very many. Fight back.

I came home when I was done. I didn't run a Marathon, I didn't run even a mile, but I was done. FightBack.

I came home when I was done. I didn’t run a Marathon, I didn’t run even a mile, but I was done. FightBack.

Ps. I might be on a little cold, at least my Voice Massage therapist didn’t like my sniffles… She sent me home, without any massages!



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