Today has been, almost normal already. The craziest hype around the Fight Back mini documentary, has settled down, for now. It’s been crazy, and just as I wrote about that “settling down”… I went to my Facebook, and noticed all the messages I had gotten! From different medias, and “fans”. The quotes, purely cause, I can’t believe yet that anyone would be my fan…

I got to the most watched section!

I got to the most watched section!

I’m happy that my project has gotten the publicity, of course.  And I’m even happier, that so many people have contacted me personally. I think it’s just really nice, that people find their selves comfortable enough sharing their struggles, with me. That they find me so trustworthy of a dude…

I got back to my training today. I got a nice little reminder from my CrossFit-instructor Tuomo, what was I doing there in the first place…  (getting fitter, and STRONGER!)

The workout of today workout was;

-Rowing (for the warmup…)

-When I had warmed up, I got to: 3minutes rowing, 3min rest, 3min row, and so on… I don’t think, that this needs to be said… but I rowed as fast as I could.

To the warm-down… which was 1min work, 6 pushups and 1 pull-up, 10 rounds. And oh yeah, I was wearing an extra weight of 10kg’s… I couldn’t pull-up but once, after 2 rounds. I went all in, I loved the workout! Except, I pushed up more, way more…

I found out though, that it’s a hard knock life, for the people weighing 105+…

P. S. Watch the Jari Sarasvuo’s show tomorrow! I’m on it. For me, this means going to Helsinki, early up in the morning, and having a ton of meetings. This of course also means that, no blog tomorrow.



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