Yes, I did a front flip. Actually, I did a bunch of them… As you have might’ve noticed, I’ve been so busy front flipping etc. that I haven’t even had time to write for you. This sucks, of course, and I even share a bit of your pain for, me not being able to share my adventures with you… Only a bit though, because I’ve gotten to live the adventurous life, myself 😉 Saying this makes me feel even a bit worse for you… and at least a bit amused… 🙂

Right now I’m gonna cut the bull crap though, and tell you that:

My girlfriend Viivus came to Finland two weeks ago. I admit, this was part of the reason why I haven’t been writing for you. On Saturday the 12th, the J.O.I went down. It’s in my opinion the best Big Air competition in the World, with the best riders, and especially the best jump. I’ve been participating it, as a competitor back in THE days, and  judge for 3 years now… this year the judges came from AFP.  I watched it anyways, of course, and I gotta say that, it was one hell of a show! Again… A friend of mine Oscar Wester, another friend of mine Jacob’s little brother… took it down, too, and I’ve gotta say, that I was STOKED  for him. I love his style, and obviously everyone else does too, since he’s winning everything nowadays… 🙂 1,5 weeks ago we cycled to my old home in Satava, and staid there two days. The weather was quite ok, and I jumped on our trampoline. But I wasn’t ready yet, no front flips occurred back then…

Last week's Friday night was beautiful.

Last week’s Friday night was beautiful.

After Satava, on Tuesday evening, we hopped on a train. I took us to Helsinki, to new adventures 🙂 First, on Wednesday morning, we shot a short video for Arla, aamiaiskutsu… then I went to Scandic hotels’ headquarters, to keep the worst speech I’ve held so far… nothing was working! And to finish the day, we went to the Finnish publication of Samsung Galaxy S5? which was a training session. It was held at PULP agency’s headquarters, we were cycling with Watt Bikes, got very good nutrition and it was great. The Samsung S5, seems to be really a great of a phone, and the “wrist band”, with everything in it… is THE GREATEST thing ever!!!!

I was proud to represent Arla.

I was proud to represent Arla. The v[ideo goes public tomorrow!/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5544" align="alignnone" width="300"]The selfie Viivia helped me to take at Samsung training session... The selfie Viivia helped me to take at Samsung training session…

We slept the night after sweating, and now begins the hypothethic front flip. We were invited to Jari and Virpi Sarasvuos’ home, and spent two very enjoyable days there. Going to Jari’s was like in the middle of a front flip, you can see backwards, upside down… Jari brought my story public, and I’m very grateful for that. He gave me the push that I needed. He’s the Man. We were just talking, eating and doing all kinds of friendly stuff… I had fun! And here we must notify Jari’s home Cross Fit Box. It had everything in it. Viivus was sweating there, as I was just stretching. But now we’re going to get to my own sweat.
Sarasvuo's "Paja" CrossFit Box :)

Sarasvuo’s “Paja” CrossFit Box 🙂

We came home, only to hop on our cycles, to cycle to my other home again. At home we spent very nice and relaxing time, but you’ve tolerated this long enough! Let’s Front Flip!

I must say that, a front flip may be a piece of cake… for a healthy person. But for me, it was not. I started preparing myself for it already 3,5 years ago, as I did my first somersaults. I couldn’t even walk, and I was doing somersaults on the TRAMPOLINE!?! I know… you must think I’m mentally very dysfunctional. But it was a beginning. I couldn’t even jump yet, but as I’ve spent a lot of my time on our tramp, I learned to! First I jumped somersaults to my back, from it… to my feet. The same backwards, then I was ready, to flip. I learned a back flip, last summer. You may think it’s scarier, cause you can’t see, where you’re going, but it’s not. You just flip over your head, and you see! I had done it thousands of times, I knew this.

Then I did it, not that hard. Scary, but not that hard…

Then the front flip… I wanted to do that too, straight away, of course… I tried it, many times, but no… it didn’t happen, until last Sunday. The hard thing, at least for me, is that you have to come over a totally blind spot. You can’t see the mat under your feet, until you’re on your feet. I decided to try it a few times on Saturday, too, failing… then on Sunday again, I told Viivia straight away in the morning that, today I’m going to stomp a front flip. I did, and here, finally, you can see it (Even those of you, who didn’t read any of ^that…):

Last week's Friday night was beautiful, from our ride to Satava :).

Last week’s Friday night was beautiful, from our ride to Satava :).

I'm there, and I feel myself as a winner!

I’m there, and I ‘m a winner!

Now I'm back to work. It's been really sunny, and beautiful outside! If the weather stays like this, you wwon't be hearing a lot of me, cause I'm out there!

Now I’m back to work. It’s been really sunny, and beautiful outside! If the weather stays like this, you won’t be hearing a lot of me, cause I’m out there!





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