I met a group of my good friends, Nipwitz, this weekend. It was really great to see the guys, and on Saturday there were a “Nipwitz-gettogether” kinda thing, in which they showed some episodes from the past years and told us what it was like to film them…

This concerns the topic very deeply, cause we had another little gettogeher on Sunday, with just the two of us, a good friend of mine, Aarni Toiviainen, the man behind Nipwitz. He gave me a very good? of an idea. He told me that the blogpost, in which I told a little about Niklas Raho’s story, was really good. He’d want more of those. We put our clever heads together, and even though this may sound like a VERY dangerous of an occurrence, I think we nailed it.

Aarni, the guy who gave me the idea, is on viewer’s left.

I’m going to start to make the other injured athletes/people’s stories public, I mean only if they want to, of course. My first “chat”, with the TBI-survivor Mikko Sjöblom, “Mise”, is going to happen tomorrow.

I didn’t know anything else from he’s story, than that it was a really severe TBI. Now, I’ve been able to meet Mise a couple times, and meeting him so early up in my rehab, was definitely an inspiring boost/thing for me. It gave me a lot of confidence, strenght to push trough… I’m not the only one. I may be giving that kind of strenght to someone myself now, as well? But people may just get bored, if they read of me all the time.

That’s why, I want to start telling other Fighters’ stories.



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