The rainy-day is coming to an end. Yes, today was rainy, but no, it didn’t ruin the day. Everything else, now I even received the IS paper too which had a story of me, on last Friday… I tried speaking again (in speech therapy…), went to have a meeting with my personal trainer-to-be, had the 2nd workout of the day and went to enjoy a cup of tea with a friend of mine. So no matter if it has been rainy, it has only FRESHENED up the air! Tomorrow shall begin with Voice massage (will tell you about that afterwards) and continue by hopping on a train, which’ll take me to Helsinki. In Helsinki we (me, Eero Ettala & Lauri Heiskari & the other guests) shall do some web-tv. Talk to you laters!

These brightened up my rainy day... Even though they had too many errors. Errors, which I thought I corrected.

These brightened up my rainy day…



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