This morning… I gave a speech, in Scandic Julia, and an presentation of the whole Scandic, the chain… convinced me to write this:

This morning… I gave a speech, in Scandic Julia. Right before the presentation of mine, a presentation of the Scandic chain, convinced me to write this:

Yesterday we filmed a little advertisement film for Scandic hotel. Scandic hotel Finland has been my sponsor since last December, but now, we have reached the point, in which I basically can’t keep my mouth shut of our cooperation anymore… This information isn’t supposed to be “public”, before, later… some time during the February 2014. But I just couldn’t shut up anymore… sorry!

First of all, they wanted to take me, instead of some normal professional athlete, simply because they wanted to bring up their freedom of obstacles, to the public. I was who they chose, because of that. If  you’re visiting any Scandic, are and are paralyzed, or suffering from a different kind of disability, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am a perfect dude to be their mannequin, because I had just these disabilities myself. And even though I still may have some disabilities, I’m going all in, in my fight against them. And thus, Scandic Finland, thought I’d be a perfect mascot for them. They want, to offer a comfortable, obstacle free accommodation, for everyone.  I just hate being disable, to do ANYthing myself, too… And I’m more than proud to be in cooperation with a hotel chain, which I agree with. Not only about the disabilities, but:

-Every single Scandic hotel, has a gym in their facilities. That’s a HUGE +, for me! I like to go to gym… 🙂

-They’re eco-friendly, that’s another huge +.

-And for the third, I could go with their food. It’s really good. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all that, just excellent. I don’t think I need to specify my attitude towards food that much…

-These are just the most important things, in my own opinion… there’s more.


Now I think I’ve hyped of them, at least enough… Let’s go to the advertisement video, which we filmed yesterday.  It concentrated to two of the main themes of Scandic, the freedom of obstacles, and working out. I filmed the advertisement with the agency, KLOK, 4 very professional and nice dudes…  We used the whole yesterday to filming it. It was kind of a rough, and very long day for me, but I’m sure that the result speaks for itself. And the KLOK-crew, it was great to work with you! Thanks!!

I don’t know, if I should’ve become public, with the information of Scandic, even being part of my FightBack… but… whoops! 🙂




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