Now since I’m not a rockstar, nor am I a F1 driver, I’m just going to blog about my everyday stuff. My “everyday”, is filled with fighting back. Mostly trying to get myself into shape… Yesterday I tried to fight at the CrossFit Box I go to, and today I was fighting in the best neighbor I’ve ever had! Elixia Jokivarsi 🙂

I've evolved in this! This morning.

I’ve evolved in this! This morning.

My everyday is the same day, which some of you have spent with me quite dutifully already! No more F1 hype, except when I feel like it. If Kimi wins a race, I can’t keep my face shut out of it… And anyways, Kimi may be in some co-operative projects with me, in the future. Anyways, he’s an awesome of a dude.

My yesterday’s CrossFit was pretty tough for me. My workout was two rounds of; 50 squats, 40 deadlifts, 30 pushups, 20 dips to 10 pull-ups. It was tough, but when I look back at it now, it feels great! Look at me doing it!

Warming up before the workout. Although, I ran a bit too.

Warming up before the workout… I ran a bit, too.



Pushing, up.

Pushing, up.

I was a bit sweaty already in the second set. I didn't get 10 anymore! Only 7...

I was a bit sweaty in the second set. I didn’t get 10 anymore! Only 7…

I was done.

I was done. I was very sweaty, it was my goal. Mission accomplished!!

I had to pose...

This, is a pose…

BTW, if someone thinks I’d be in really GOOD shape, that someone is wrong. I admit that, I’m trying to get into good shape, but I’m not there yet… I’ve noticed that, I’ve become “tighter”, but I can assure you that, there’s still long journey ahead…



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