Hi all! I have been super busy lately, with only very positive things! I would have material at least three blog posts on me now, so all you can do is to wait for them. Right now though, I’m gonna tell you something that I just learned myself… The first FightBack running event, the FightBack – First Steps, is going to happen in Finland, in Turku, in Turun Urheilupuisto, on 06.09.2014!!!!

I don’t have any specifics about it on me yet, but I’m going to keep you posted. Just book the date 06.09 on your calendar!

What I do have now though, is a little FightBack update-episode, filmed in January and February.  I already feel like my EVERYTHING is way better, but it may it is so, only in my own little head. At least I can say that, my way to the finish line of the Marathon, isn’t going to be a short one… 🙂

But after the 6th of next September, it shall be 2500 meters shorter!

And this is for everybody, if I can do 2,5 km… so can you! Get off of that couch, and come to run with me!!




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