I feel like the last Sunday was a beginning, the beginning of something big. The past few days were kind of crazy already, in my previous opinion… now then again, I know that they weren’t even nearly “crazy”. Last night I appeared on my first, but quite surely not the last, talkshow, the Sarasvuo. It was so much fun! Jari himself, seemed like an awesome of a guy. I had a blast!

What I couldn’t expect though, was this great of a rumble. I love it, when people send a lot of messages to me in Facebook, but I can’t help but feeling dumb. When I can’t reply, immediately…

Well, I’d better to get used to it…

It’s definitely worth it, cause I’m doing all of this, for the GREATEST cause ever. I want to make the FightBack shine! Do you? Sorry, for no pics.

But, everyone, go and like the FightBack in Facebook!

P. S. We try to get more beanies out to you, ASAP! Might take some weeks, though… December!

P. P. S. Come to say hi whenenever!




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