And the answer iiiis… no. No, I don’t. I know quite well actually, that all the evolving takes place, when you’re resting after training. As you’re sleeping, for example. Why am I bringing it up now??

Because, I was thinking if I should take tomorrow off, of course I should… because that’s what I’ve continuously been told. So I’m NOT taking it off. Because I’m stubborn?

No, it’s not cause I’d be that stubborn… I mean, I can admit my stubbornness, of course. But that isn’t in effect now. I gotta say that, if I submit my self into admitting my stubbornness… I’m not going to admit that, I’d workout too much! No go…

Last few weeks have been really crazy for me. Working out evolves different kind of endurance. It releases some of my stress. And I take the rest, which is needed. I rest two whole days in a week!

To the end, I’m not going to add one of my working out pictures… This is taken, by Nana Simelius last week, in Kiss My Turku – photo shoot.

I am a Fighter, but a happy Fighter! :)

I am a Fighter, but a happy Fighter! 🙂

But now, it is the time to rehab myself… I’ve been granted, with the gift of making rehabilitating myself, and inspiring others my job. I’m going to JUST DO IT.



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