I’m really stoked on the teaser my man Miikka made. I’m afraid though, that I’m not the right person to talk about it. The director Miikka, then again seems to be. At least, I really liked his thoughts:


It’s already 5 years since the day my friend Pekka Hyysalo crashed in our freeski shortfilm shoot in Ylläs, Finland. I was a few hundred meters away from the landing and saw everything through my camera monitor.

It’s been a long way for Pekka but also a long way for all the other people involved the events in Ylläs that spring. I have to thank all the people who helped us with the situation back there on the slopes. Thank you AjPetri,AarniIisakkiOskariJussiMattiTuomasOlli-pekkaAnttiIisko & others that I can’t remember now!

The reason I started to work on the documentary is quite simple. I had the story in my mind already but Pekka contacted me about it and then it started to happen. My motivation to do this documentary is to tell Pekka’s story. It is so powerful and his determination is so strong that I’m confident that the documentary will inspire and push other people as well. I hope we can help people in hard situations not to give up. This documentary is also important to me and I’m quite sure to all the people who were in Ylläs slope that day.

I’m really thankful for all the people who have shared, liked, viewed and donated already to push the message and the teaser. If you feel like it share this teaser and the link to our crowdfunding campaign http://mesenaatti.me/en/NewRun/.

Thank you!


Miikka doing what he does best.

Miikka doing what he does best. 

ps. We really would need your help. For the time being the teaser has been viewed over 300000 times! but I’d like to remind that, we can not finish the documentary if we don’t reach our goal.



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