It’s Friday, I’m leaving next Tuesday, and still, I was just given the “final checkout” of the period… This is just OK for me, I don’t really need the medical assistance, right now. What the doctor brought up though, got me thinking a bit about my future. Both, the close future, and what lays on me in a few years.

We went trough it all, so basically, trough the FightBack. The brand – the work, what will I do for living, how generously I’ve received help, the upcoming FightBook – that I’m almost finnished, and the documentary. It was almost just like any chat I have, with my friends, except that, he really knows what he’s saying… I really trust him, sorry friends, but you’re on the same line with me.

Then came the last topic, studying. I’m a bit nervous every time it comes down to that, just cause my dad always gives me the same lecture about it: “You should study yourself a career, you should get smarter, become something, become something real…” Lately though, he has kept his opinions about studying to himself. Dad; I respect your opinions, and I know you’re thinking only what’s best for me, but just let me to do this… If it’s a mistake, then I’m screwd… if not, you’ll be proud of me.

May even be, that he has realized that, I’m just doing my own thing… What’s even more probable though, is that he has just given up on me… Well, however, the doctor was amazingly undestanding. “Do what you’re doing now, if that goes well for you… and study, when you’ll have the time for it. Maybe in a few years, no hurry.”

Good morning!

Pekka Hyysalo – Fighter. You don't study youself to be a Fighter... it just happens.

Pekka Hyysalo – Fighter. You can’t study youself to become a Fighter… it just happens… Everything just has to, almost fall apart.



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