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-New York Times just published a story of how, “Ski Helmet Use Isn’t Reducing Brain Injuries”.

You can read the story from that^ link up there, but just as I stated on the headline… I disagree very. I disagree, a lot. As a TBI sustained skier myself, I can honestly say that no, the helmet use didn’t reduce the TBI of mine, completely… But without the helmet, which didn’t reduce my TBI from happening… I would’ve just died. I’m not even joking. My feedback for this New York Times article, is just that:  Helmets may not’t prevent that many brain injuries, but they do save lives. A lot of lives. I can straight away name a handful of guys, who’d be dead, hadn’t they had a helmet on.

The New York Times should, -in my own opinion… be the biggest and the most viewed media in the world, and publish anything like this. The fact that they’d say so, is just unbelievable. What if someone quits their usage of helmets, after reading that. And then they pass away, after sustaining a mediocre crash… with no helmet on their head.

Michael Schumacher cruising, on the good days.

Michael Schumacher cruising, on the good days.

This story may have been written, just because the situation with Michael Schumacher. From that I have kept the mouth of my own shut, until this, and I won’t open up from that a lot, now either… I just must say that, there are so various kinds of TBI’s, and I won’t try to predict any kind of outcome from this, since I’m not a doctor. I wouldn’t dare to predict anything, even if I were one… cause my own experiences of the Doctors’ predictions, are not that solid.

To the end I can compress my opinion on this matter: “Ski helmet use may not REDUCE brain injuries, but it does SAVE lives.”

-Thank you. //PH

Matt Walker flying like the Boss.

Matt Walker flying like the Boss.

Last night was the night of the JOI 2014, and again, it was a magical of a big air competition. The jump, is just legendary. It’s perfect, every year. The winner of this years competition, was a younger brother of a good friend of mine, Jacob Wester; Oscar Wester. Oscar is a friend of mine as well, and it has been really great to watch, how he has dominated the end of this season! I can remember him from Back In The Days, and to see him just dominating now, makes me smile. And it also makes me, to feel myself old ;)

If you didn’t watch the comp yesterday, watch a short edit of it now at

Jon Olsson Invitational, is the my favorite Big Air competition. And it’s going down, just in a moment! I have been so lucky, that I have been invited there as a rider once, and after my injury, trice as a judge. Jon is a great guy, and from what I’ve heard… the competition is going to be off the hook, once again. You can watch it now at:

I myself have so many favorites there, but I suspect the top three being: Oscar Wester, Jesper Tjäder and Gus Kenworthy. I’m gonna do some watching now.

This is, from what I've heard, and from what I see in this pic... one of the best JOI kickers in years...

This is, from what I’ve heard, and from what I see in this pic… one of the best JOI kickers in years…

You can jump like this from it.

You can jump from it, like this.

This has been a great week! After a not so long, but way worse winter in my own opinion… this week I have finally taken myself running outside! I know, I know… I could’ve been out there running the whole winter! But, honestly, I don’t think I would’ve had that much fun. Now, then again, I have been running outside trice! And so far on every session, I’ve had a BLAST!

One thing I didn’t really even think about in wintertime, but am very aware of now… is that, the track in Turun Urheilupuisto, is way longer than the track in Kupittaa. At least double, but maybe even a bit more. For me, this is considering my mental condition (dangerously ambitious…) a very welcome change. I even ran my personal best in years!

At first we warmed me up in the stairs, and when I was warm, we went down to the track. I began with one lap (400m), continued with two (400 x 2…) And finished with 2,5, AKA, 1 kilometer! Which was of course pretty tough for me, but very doable! So doable that, we weren’t really even finished. For warming down I was told to run 400m, so I did just that, twice, and walked the track around once. And we were done. The best running session, once again… -CHECK!

P. S. My girlfriend came home for almost 2 weeks now! So she’s going to be around too, at least every once in a while… :P

I am very happy to announce that, Scandic hotels is the new, and a really important partner of FightBack. I announced this also last week, yes… but I was ahead of myself. Now it’s official information!

And I am stoked that, this add is  out there, too!

All in all, Scandic hotels, is pretty much perfect cooperator, at least in my opinion, for me. They have great values, good quality, and as you can figure out from the name, it’s very Scandic… I’m really happy! Of those values, I just gotta say that, having a gym in every hotel, is respectable.

Sometimes, or actually quite often, I’ve been told that, people get inspired by my Fight Back – spirit. I’m of course really glad to hear it, and I get a lot of power also myself from it. This is the reason, why I’m enjoying giving speeches of my Fight Back. I’ve been giving a quite many of them already… but my favorite was the one last week.

I was speaking, or I guess you could call it even chatting with upper secondary school students, in Mikaelin koulu, special school. The students were from 13 to 15 year olds, and a fair share of them had ADD. In the morning, before I went there, I was pondering; “where am I putting myself into…” But I didn’t really worry that much, I’m pretty great with people. And those students, quite surely counted as people…

In the morning I had running practice, then I went to Mikaelin koulu almost straight from there, this is what was waiting for me on the front door:

Welcome Pekka Hyysalo.

Welcome Pekka Hyysalo.

I chatted with them, and what was really great in this was, that I didn’t have any strict “presentation”. I just told what had happened to me, and the audience participated pretty actively. But what the audience did as well, they behaved superbly, no chatting with each other, nor disturbing my appearance ANYHOW!

I was very pleased, that’s just the kind of speeches I want to give, too… When I left there, I went to get my recumbent from the maintenance, and I cycled to my mom’s:

You can see the slopes, from the Hirvensalo bridge. Today was the Season's last Turku ski day for me!

You can see the slopes, from the Hirvensalo bridge. Today was the Season’s last Turku ski day for me!


Hi all! I have been super busy lately, with only very positive things! I would have material at least three blog posts on me now, so all you can do is to wait for them. Right now though, I’m gonna tell you something that I just learned myself… The first FightBack running event, the FightBack – First Steps, is going to happen in Finland, in Turku, in Turun Urheilupuisto, on 06.09.2014!!!!

I don’t have any specifics about it on me yet, but I’m going to keep you posted. Just book the date 06.09 on your calendar!

What I do have now though, is a little FightBack update-episode, filmed in January and February.  I already feel like my EVERYTHING is way better, but it may it is so, only in my own little head. At least I can say that, my way to the finish line of the Marathon, isn’t going to be a short one… :)

But after the 6th of next September, it shall be 2500 meters shorter!

And this is for everybody, if I can do 2,5 km… so can you! Get off of that couch, and come to run with me!!


This post might be something, you would definitely not assume to be reading, written by a skier. It’s about the World population’s over growth. This is a horrible of a topic. Both because, it’s way bigger than me, and because I don’t know what to do for it. The scariest thing is that, no one seems to know. What’s I do know though, is that, I should stop thinking about this, and I definitely should stop worrying about it… but the outcomes, which seem quite disastrous, just won’t leave me alone. I’m worried.


I’ve been stuck with this thought, ever since I had read a bit of Dan Brown’s new book, Inferno. This book, tells about someone coming up with a horrible solution for the overpopulation crisis… The solution was a viral, which was spread all over the World, and it automatically made 1/3 of its carriers unable to reproduce.  Now this for sure is A way, but for sure… it’s a horrible of a way.

But thank God, it’s not out there. I don’t think anyone has even invented such a horrible virus, at least not yet… let’s all hope that, we don’t ever need to go that far. In my opinion everybody, who just wants children, and is able to breed and especially, to take care of their children is allowed to do so. But nowadays, it’s getting harder. The world’s food, clean water and oxygen resources are constant, but people are wasting and polluting the resources all the time. It might get better, when the technology just evolves, but… the consumption is growing exponentially. Let’s take a look at the World’s population growth:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.42.26 PM

If you’re interested of the exponential population growth, of our future, you may check out where we’re going right now at:

But it can’t be that hard to stop breeding, or is it? Here, we’re stepping on a thing, which is in my opinion behind all this:  Sex is the most pleasurable thing to we can do, completely for free. This is for sure the reason,  why the less developed countries are bursting with babies. Condoms are both, hard to get, and expensive, for poor people. The other contraceptives, are either impossible to get, or too expensive. But having sex is superb. Until the woman skips a few of her periods, and so on…

Uploading these smart looking charts, makes me feel myself like a genius. The bottom-line here is though, that we're screwed.

Uploading these smart looking charts, makes me feel myself like a genius. The bottom-line here is though, that we’re screwed. The developing countries are taking over, and we are staying here.


The World’s population is currently growing the most in Asia. The prediction of this super smart Fighter is that, the next continent to start bursting with babies, is Africa. They just need a bit help getting on their feet, and start reproducing. The question that has bothered me quite much, is that should we help them getting there? If in the end things are just getting worse? In the end we’ll be unable to even help ourselves. I’m not a fortuneteller, but this is what I’m afraid of.

In the welfare states, like the Scandinavia, USA and many more, the population growth has settled. The population has even started to decrease. The world’s structure is getting more and more imbalanced. Everything’s finer and finer, in the welfare states, and then again, the amount of poor people is just increasing. There is a problem, in people being so developed, that the natural selection doesn’t work anymore. We can fight the natural disasters, part of the already existing illnesses, but is every life really worth living in the less developed countries?

People’s lives are misery, or not even that. The thought is making me sick.

I’m quite sure that, something will end this, it is going to appear in the future. Is it some viral infection, intuitionally spread, like in the Inferno, I don’t know… but we are getting into a place, in which the population just exceeds the earth’s capacity.

If you, just couldn’t care less… I envy you. I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day, but I want everybody, to open their eyes. My own eyes have been open already for a while, but now I feel that, I could maybe open a few more. I don’t have any solution for this, I’m aware of no one, who does? I just hope that, if we all sink our minds into it, someone may even get something. Most likely not, but at least the few of you, who have read this far… may be on the same line with me?

As I’ve written this, I’ve gotten it off, off of my consciousness. For those of you, who didn’t know this, I’m sorry. But you can live happily, even with this information… I’m doing it on a daily basis! :) When you’re screwed, you can either cry for being so screwed, or you can just laugh about it. I don’t like to cry.

I spent this weekend at Laajavuori, Jyväskylä, checking out my little brother Veikko’s slope style comp. I’ve been in Laajavuori just once before, when they held the slope style WC there two years ago. Back then, I didn’t ski… I was just watching the professionals skiing. But last weekend, even though, I don’t want to anyhow underestimate boys’s talent… I skied. And guess what? I had a blast! It’s kinda unbelievable, how every ski day this season, has been way more fun, than the last one!

That's me enjoying the weather, and posing with my new Sweet suit... on Saturday.

That’s me enjoying the weather, and posing with my new Sweet suit… on Saturday.


Here's pictures, of my skiing on Sunday.

Here’s pictures, of my skiing on Sunday.

Just a week ago, I was up north, in Luosto. I skied every day there, too. So during the past week, I’ve skied more, than in the beginning of the winter altogether. And since every ski day, felt better than the previous, I’m really satisfied, but… I’d want to ski more. That might be why, I tried to be as fast as possible. Both in Luosto, and in Laajis. Both with my Nordic skis (thank you Yoko…) , and with my twin-tips… (everyone knows they’re Völkl…)

I was really fast. It might've seemed just casual speed to you all… but I swear, in my head I was fast as lightning!

I was really fast. It may seem just casual speed, or no speed at all, to you… since it’s not a downhill there…  but I swear that, in my own head, I was fast as lightning!

Last Saturday, I had the biggest speech/ presentation I’ve had, this far… It was for this coffee brand Zinzino, and it went absolutely brilliant. I have never been in a show in Finland, which would’ve felt so American… in the good way. The audience was full of energy, they applauded as if I would’ve really done miracles and the atmosphere was superb. People were so enthusiastic, not like Finnish people usually are. Almost the exact opposite… but really refreshing!

Zinzino-performance. The hall was full. It was great!

Zinzino-performance. The hall was full. It was great!

From there on, I hopped on a train to Tampere, switched to a car-train, found a familiar face, and went to Luosto for another speech. The familiar face belonged to my (manager-)man Makke. We went there to give a speech, but we did so much more, than that… The speech itself went pretty well, as well. We held it for the British Nokia crew, and they loved it. We didn’t love it ourselves, so much, but it was good. That was the first english version, that I’ve kept together with Makke, and after all… we nailed it.

The presentation was not the ONLY thing, which got nailed up there. Luosto had even some snow up there, so we went skiing, of course, but what might have been unforeseen, was that we went Nordic-skiing, as well. That’s the activity, in which yours truly nailed his face to the ground. At least that part of it, was very unforeseen… if I’d seen it coming, I’d taken it with my palms, not with my cheek. It was a bang. After the bang though, we went to get shorter poles for me, and from that on, I didn’t hurt myself. I crashed multiply, of course, but no more blood… :)

The skiing didn’t end there! We went Nordic skiing first, Sunday and Tuesday, but we went to do some real skiing (downhill… ;) every day there! From the real skiing I can’t say more,  than that, I just loved Luosto’s slopes. They were quite empty and the profile was really nice. I guess those three days, were the best ski days this season! But… the season isn’t over yet!