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Hi! Today my nutrition has been quite normal. Except the two buns I ate… but they’re not every everyday stuff. Here you go:

There’s an evening snack to go, but it’s almost always just quark… I just came home, from taking FightBack salary shots. I hope they rule!

Tomorrow, were going to CrossFit, work and I will write of that Vemma. I am going to eat, again, but I won’t tell you about it!

The rainy-day is coming to an end. Yes, today was rainy, but no, it didn’t ruin the day. Everything else, now I even received the IS paper too which had a story of me, on last Friday… I tried speaking again (in speech therapy…), went to have a meeting with my personal trainer-to-be, had the 2nd workout of the day and went to enjoy a cup of tea with a friend of mine. So no matter if it has been rainy, it has only FRESHENED up the air! Tomorrow shall begin with Voice massage (will tell you about that afterwards) and continue by hopping on a train, which’ll take me to Helsinki. In Helsinki we (me, Eero Ettala & Lauri Heiskari & the other guests) shall do some web-tv. Talk to you laters!

These brightened up my rainy day... Even though they had too many errors. Errors, which I thought I corrected.

These brightened up my rainy day…

The headline on top, might be filled with a hint of sarcasm. I don’t categorize myself even nearly as any bodybuilder, but lately my working out has been quite intense. I’m trying to get my shaft back into shape. Back in the day I was in a shape, which I consider pretty much perfect now… I want to get myself back into that. I don’t think I got there by just being lazy, back then either. But here we have a thing, which wasn’t anyhow affected by my TBI. I liked to push myself to the limit and I still like to do that. Nowadays it just is a lot harder. But I only see it as my own fault.

I did two workouts today. Just like in back in the good old alpine-higschool days. In the morning I did something for my arms, shoulders and belly. Now I just came back from working on my feet. Squats, one legged squats, calves and some other things. I also met the guy, who’s responsible for all this. The guy, who’s in charge of things in Elixia Jokivarsi. He was happy to see, that as he let me to workout in there, I’ve taken all out of it. That gym has had so positive impact on my rehab. I could write a list for you, but I don’t really feel like it… I wanna go to rest.

Tomorrow is going to be a day off of gym. Instead, I might go to throw some baskets and swimming afterwards.

I love these! They may even give me a nice butt...

I love these! They may even give me a nice butt…

I know that, the rehab is a long, rough road. I’ve taken the first roughest steps, and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel, which has been so shallow in the beginning of my journey. I’m happy that, I can’t even memorize those times myself.

Now I’m living the work shift. It’s just countless hours of work, for myself. But I’m super happy that, I’m even able to do the work. I’ve had a full day training, beginning with CrossFit, and Elixia gym workout to the end. I’m super happy. Happy that I have gotten to the point in which, I can care about such things as the constitution of my body.

I’ve come so far, but I’m not happy yet. I believe, that I’m the kind of person, who’s never happy with himself. I had an awesome day. Working out, making myself better.

I however, am not even nearly in the state where I was before the BANG. Will I ever get there, mentally? The most defined no, physically? This would be a no, as well… I may never become the same guy, as I may have came. But I may have an awesome life, just like this. Good night!

This was the most beautiful picture I had. So I put it up.

This was the most beautiful picture I had. So I decided put it up.