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I’m having a good day. No, I’m having a great day! I just came home from the first running session in weeks! (I guess 1,5…) The sun was shining, and I really felt great during, and after the training!

The last week was really nice. I spent it almost completely in Cryo treatment, in Haikko, Porvoo. Not only did Haikko offer the great Cryo treatment for me, 10 times in those 6 days… they also let me to use their hotel’s swimming pool, gym and the magnificent restaurant of Haikon  Kartano! The personnel was really nice, and I was treated so friendly, that I’m strictly considering just moving in there…

I was taken very good care there. I fell in love with their kitchen.

I was taken very good care there. I fell in love with their kitchen.

Yesterday my mom, and two of my brothers visited the cold Cryo-room, as well. They gave me a ride home, but the best in Haikko’s Cryo treatment is though, that it’s quite commonly known nowadays. Succeeding athletes at least all over Finland come there, if they’re hurt, and a lot of them, even if they’d be all good! The Cryo treatment has some positive impacts on, handling your stress, keeping calm, and just performing better. Most of the athletes are my friends, at least, once we’ve met each other, so it’s pretty much never boring in Haikko. And the man who has invented the Cryo treatment, the Ice Head, Martti Gröhn, was there with me as well, on a daily basis… and he’s my really good friend.


I love that old fart… ;) Martti. P. S. Even though I may sound very rude to you… this is nothing. You should hear our "everyday conversations"… :D

I love that old fart… 😉 Martti. P. S. Even though I may sound a bit rude to you… this is nothing. And he at least claims, to be just 40 years, under the cover… You should really hear our “everyday conversations”… 😀

This text is almost written already, but I have only scratched the cover, of its actual topic… which is my running. I was training it with Päivi again at Kupittaa, Tuomas was filming it for the next webisode… and today’s training session was great! I mean, I didn’t even suck, THAT bad!  On my own opinion I sucked, of course… but it wasn’t THAT bad! Sucking sucks, but the only thing sucking more, than just sucking… is sucking, A LOT. I didn’t suck that much, so I’m having a great day!!! Even though it may sound like I’d be harsh on myself, isn’t it nice, if I can just laugh about it?!

-I had the best training session this far! P. S. I’m on fire!!!

First of all, I want to wish you all a very successful and happy New Year, as well… That headline, was just more of a note to myself kinds thing…

How could I know this is going to be awesome?

-I have a feeling. What, and why?

I feel myself stronger,steadier and all that… because of this Cryo treatment I’ve been going to. It‘s exciting. -100 – -120C… very freezing. But not that cold at all. It‘s so unbelievably freezing, that your skin can‘t really understand it‘s cold… You can stay there some minutes, and the results are simply that – awesome.



Your brain starts to produce all kinds of hormones and your metabolism get‘s hyped. And the feeling afterwards… – I love it!

What about the results?

-I’ve just been there three times, but already I‘m noticing things, like my hands acting steadier, than in years. Almost surely, we will see more progress in the close future. I will let you know!

Happy New Year!!


Welcome to the!

My old website faced its trafficking limits, once again. Most likely, I should’ve just bought some superb package for it and pay myself sick, but then again… I knew these would step in, in a moment. And we were told that, the sites would stay up until we would publish these ones. -They did not.

So we are publishing these now. This is not what I was planning for. Everything should’ve been top notch… but now, it’s not. What I know as well, is that, we will make it top notch. The shop, my blog, FightBack-things and pretty much, well… everything.

All will be here, on the same site. You can follow my story here. We will work on the web-shop, and the best thing of all is that, now I’m not alone. I have the Team behind my back, and I can take care of the fight of my own… I trust these people, so I can concentrate on other important things. Hint; the book, and learning to run…

Have the best New Years’ Eve everyone and we will rock your world again next year 🙂

– Pekka

Hi! Today my nutrition has been quite normal. Except the two buns I ate… but they’re not every everyday stuff. Here you go:

There’s an evening snack to go, but it’s almost always just quark… I just came home, from taking FightBack salary shots. I hope they rule!

Tomorrow, were going to CrossFit, work and I will write of that Vemma. I am going to eat, again, but I won’t tell you about it!

I’m not weak. I went to my CrossFit-Box today, and even though it made me to realize that, I’m not weak… I sucked. My performance was horrible.

I really tried to perform well, but for some reason I was way too weak again. The other day, I tried as well, being just as weak. But I won’t bow down, to being weak.

I had to quiet down by myself, and think about this for a while… and as you can imagine, I wasn’t able to find any conclusions. The thoughts going through my mind were quite much like this; “have I trained too hard?”, “am I too hard on myself?” and to close it out; “It really is so, I really AM just weak?!”

As the headline notifies, I changed my mind. I’m not weak. Too bad, that the headline doesn’t notify, what on earth is wrong with me?! A TBI, yes, but I’m can’t blame this on that…

It doesn’t really, even matter what’s making me exhausted this quickly. I just want to be strong, at least as strong as before! How could I do that?

I don’t know, but I’m going to take a few days off, hoping that rest will fix my performance. On Saturday I’ll be CrossFitting again. We’ll be filming it for the mini documentary… so I CAN’T be WEAK!

This is our lovely Box!

This is our lovely Box!

I had to tie shoes before the rowing... the picture is here, just cause I love it. Thanks Tuomo!

I had to tie shoes before the rowing… the picture is here, just cause I love it. Thanks Tuomo!

I rowed myself warm.

I rowed myself warm.

I pushed up, both before- and during the business...

I pushed up, both before- and during the business…[caption id="attachment_4055" align="alignleft" width="480"]Dead lifts. Dead lifts.

I just love the Makia (sweet!) picture.

I just love the Makia (sweet!) picture.

Going for a pull up. I pulled up 42 times, before it was the body-row-time...

Going for a pull up. I pulled up 42 times, before it was the body-row-time…



This time, I really was done...

This time, I really was done…

Today and yesterday have been funniest days for a while. I got a recumbent of my own today!!! It’s really expensive for me, and all that… but I also got a new friend yesterday. A new friend, who’s really generous and very nice, positive and just so awesome of a guy that, I’m just honored to have received so valuable help/ a GIFT from him. And furthermore, his friendship.

Yesterday began early in the morning by hopping on a train. I took the train to Helsinki and once I got there, I hopped on my manager-Man Makke’s car. We drove to Vierumäki. We drove there to give a speech together. We gave it, and rocked a room full of managing students… but the day wasn’t nearly over yet. I went to my Father’s, cause I had a meeting in HKI today.

I loved even my yesterday's clothes, of course... They are Makia! We rocked with Makke.

I loved even my yesterday’s clothes, of course… They are Makia! We rocked it with Makke.

We drove to Espoo, but we didn’t go straight to my fathers. We went to say hi to another guy, who’s managed by Makke… A guy that some of you might’ve heard of, a dude named Kimi Räikkönen. We went to Kimi’s and it was somehow very weird to meet him. He’s a star. Really, a STAR! Even I, was a bit starstruck…

We chatted a bit and the most valuable thing I got out of it was not the visibility, which FightBack may receive with his help… I mean, only that alone is worth my life’s savings, alltogether… It was to realize that, he’s really a great guy! I knew that his financial situation is quite good, so I half jokingly asked him “Hey Kimi, you see this FightBack-cap? You want it? Let’s do a FAIR exchange… I’ll give you my cap and you’ll buy a recumbent for me…?” He said OKAY! You’re a true Fighter, I agree, but on one condition… You’ll have to cycle a lot. So much, that it’s gonna be enough for me, too…

I agreed, immediately. Now to everyone: watch the Belgian GP in Spa. Watch Kimi, you don’t even have to watch him very strictly. If everything goes as planned, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Today I chose the recumbent, tried it, fell in love, ordered it and I’m the happiest guy around. We also went for Makke’s birthday-dinner with boys, I had two very important FightBack-meetings and all that… But however, these are not important enough things

What a combo! Ladies and Gentlemen, Kimi Räikkönen...

What a combo! Ladies and Gentlemen, Kimi Räikkönen…

I was a happy guy to make the deal. A recumbent, for that cap... That's so far the most expensive FightBack-cap... Thank you Kimi.

I was a happy guy to make the deal. A recumbent, for that cap… That’s so far the most expensive FightBack-cap… Thank you Kimi.

for this blogpost. I may tell you about them, laters…

Yesterday was a very juicy day. It began with massaging my voice, and that’s what I’m going to give you a few lines more now…

The Voice Massage:
2013-08-15 09.47.38
It was really relaxing. It is supposed to relax the muscles you use to produce speech, thus my speech therapist sent me there. The massage-therapist I went to, is apparently the best in Turku. I have another time scheduled in about 2 weeks, so I’ll tell you if I think it makes any difference then.

IS Afterdark:

The hosts were awesome!

The hosts were awesome!

-was really exciting. It’s certainly awesome, that such a big Finnish media, as Iltasanomat, is putting a program like this up. And I am really stoked, that I got to be a part of it. It will become a web-tv and it will cover such sports as; skiing, snowboarding, skate, bmx, parachute, so all the “extreme” sports. I know that this has been tried already, but I’ve got a feeling from this. It’s gonna rock.
Especially we (the guests of the first ever after dark episode...) were filled up with awesomeness!

Especially we (the guests of the first ever after dark episode…) were filled up with awesomeness!

Today / this Weekend:

I’m going to go cycling with the recumbent, and my GF. We’ll cycle the somewhat 15km to my old home and come back tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re going to go to a farewell party of two of my really good friends, who both are moving away. It’s their own loss… but they should be given a proper farewell anyways. On Sunday I’ll go speaking to Vierumäki with my manager-man Makke. I’m going to catch a train to HKI, hop to Makke’s car, drive there and back, and hop on a train again. Giving speeches in the right atmosphere, is both exciting and fun. On Monday you’ll find out if this one was as awesome, as I’m looking forward to!

The rainy-day is coming to an end. Yes, today was rainy, but no, it didn’t ruin the day. Everything else, now I even received the IS paper too which had a story of me, on last Friday… I tried speaking again (in speech therapy…), went to have a meeting with my personal trainer-to-be, had the 2nd workout of the day and went to enjoy a cup of tea with a friend of mine. So no matter if it has been rainy, it has only FRESHENED up the air! Tomorrow shall begin with Voice massage (will tell you about that afterwards) and continue by hopping on a train, which’ll take me to Helsinki. In Helsinki we (me, Eero Ettala & Lauri Heiskari & the other guests) shall do some web-tv. Talk to you laters!

These brightened up my rainy day... Even though they had too many errors. Errors, which I thought I corrected.

These brightened up my rainy day…

The headline on top, might be filled with a hint of sarcasm. I don’t categorize myself even nearly as any bodybuilder, but lately my working out has been quite intense. I’m trying to get my shaft back into shape. Back in the day I was in a shape, which I consider pretty much perfect now… I want to get myself back into that. I don’t think I got there by just being lazy, back then either. But here we have a thing, which wasn’t anyhow affected by my TBI. I liked to push myself to the limit and I still like to do that. Nowadays it just is a lot harder. But I only see it as my own fault.

I did two workouts today. Just like in back in the good old alpine-higschool days. In the morning I did something for my arms, shoulders and belly. Now I just came back from working on my feet. Squats, one legged squats, calves and some other things. I also met the guy, who’s responsible for all this. The guy, who’s in charge of things in Elixia Jokivarsi. He was happy to see, that as he let me to workout in there, I’ve taken all out of it. That gym has had so positive impact on my rehab. I could write a list for you, but I don’t really feel like it… I wanna go to rest.

Tomorrow is going to be a day off of gym. Instead, I might go to throw some baskets and swimming afterwards.

I love these! They may even give me a nice butt...

I love these! They may even give me a nice butt…