I’m talking about my injury – all the restrictions it lays on me, not on my everyday-life, but on my physical performance. I love some sports. I really love them. I loved to surf, just for example…

How on earth could I accept, having to use this kind of shirts...??

How on earth could I accept, having to use this kind of shirts…??

How could I accept the fact, that I can’t perform in those sports like before?

– I can’t.

I’ve tried to somehow accept it, for the past three years now. Until today, as we were practising my balance, to be able to stand up to a surfboard, it really hit me. I can’t ever accept living with these restrictions.

Then I had to stop, I had to take a little break, look at my life… – I’ve been really positive, should I get negative now? – NO, most definitely not! Then… what should I do? Fighting back almost lost its whole importance to me, if I couldn’t possibly even ever, get Back…

I kept on looking, I’ve been really happy, even with all of these disabilities. Have I been dumb? Intoxicated, high, or maybe drunk for the past three years?

I had to wait for a while, take a nap, and suddenly, I was ready. I knew that, I can not anyhow accept that I’ve done this to myself, let it just be unacceptable… but I for sure don’t have just to accept my disabilities. I must just Fight Back, and concour the disabilities. Many people will tell me “it’s impossible, you’d better to accept it…” But I don’t care. I am a Fighter.

P. S I can accept wearing whatever, as long as it just profits me…



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