Yes, the headline was unfortunately a sarcastic one… yet again. But since I’ve been done with writing for a while, I’ve had time to do something else. That something being fighting back. Both in the forms of physical stuff, and then work work. Both have gone quite well, even though the July is the “holiday-month”. Which means that, most of the things I’m trying to accomplish, are un-accomplishable until someone comes back to work.

However, there’s a bunch of new FightBack-products coming out this fall. First I gotta mention the Sweet helmet. Sweet was the producer of the SweeTEST black thing, which saved my life, so I’m super pumped that they are doing this! I’d like to share a photo of the helmet with you, but it’s not the right time yet. All I can reveal now is that, it’s white, simple and has a red FightBack-logo on it. I love the design.

Some other things we’re working on, are T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and iPhone covers. The shirts are going to be really cool, of course! The iPhone covers are something I’m really looking forward to, as well. If my FightBack is saving me, I’m sure that multiple people want the FightBack-iPhone covers to save their iPhone’s.

These Lastu-covers are my favorites, already!

These Lastu-covers are my favorites, already!



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