This Sunday was a Sunday at its best. We went for a Brunch at Blanko, with my better half. It’s the most famous Brunch in Turku. And I’m more than pumped, that I got the FightBack-Brnch settled, 24.11! Today’s Brunch was like this:

I really love Blanko; the food, the atmosphere, and the nightlife. I am horribly regretting, that I missed all the great shows in Blanko this year, my men Karri Koira, Ruudolf and Musta Barbaari. Well, I’ve seen Karri and Ruudolf a few times… And I will for sure still see their great shows, in the future too. But Musta Barbaari… he’s attitude fits so perfectly into mine, “Salil eka, sail vika”. “Gym for the first, gym for the last” -I love that attitude.

The FightBack party would still need an awesome of an artist/band to play. I’d love any of those three to play there, but I’m not sure if they’re available… Any suggestions?