Today is a normal Monday, for most of the people. For me however, again, it’s not. This morning began, by having an early morning coffee/meeting with Stefan, from the coolest lifestyle store I’ve found, Element. It’s almost unbelievable, that I get the FightBack products straight away to such an amazing store. To me that feels like, climbing to a mountain just beginning straight away from the top. I was very lucky, and Element is the top…

They sell THESE, now. New products, soon...

They sell THESE, now. New products, soon…

Next month!

Next month! And other gear, when we’ll just get them out!

That’s not why my day is bigger though. It’s bigger, because of a football-game. It’s two of my hometown’s teams fighting for the town’s crown. I’m going there, because I was very lucky, again. I met the CEO of TPS football at my gym, and he invited me!

They also bought FightBack-caps for their team. Rumors are saying that, they are going to appear to the court with the caps on their heads. The rumors told me also, that the team is going to throw those exact caps to the audience… If your coming, and lucky, you might leave with the cap on your head. If your coming, and stylish just otherwise, you are going to leave with FightBack cap on your head anyways!

I don’t know about you, but to my own ears that sounds like a defined victory for TPS… even though, I said I’m not going to give predictions.

It’s this one!



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