I’m a bit anxious yet again… The next week, or the next Thursday night… is starting to excite me. I will have the first time to make this story of mine big. I know, that at some point this Fight of mine is going to get noticed, but this could happen fast. And it’d get really big. Like BIG big.

"I decided to get back on skis, though..."

“I decided to get back on skis. I am not so talented anymore. I do it just cause it makes me very happy…”

The Ted X will go down at Logomo Turku, and I’ll be telling my story there. Don’t worry though… they’ve got my nerves covered. Just for my comfortableness’ sake, my presentation is going to be the last one there. I’ve got all the time just to relax, watch all the presentations of the others, and to relax some more! Keep your eyes open! 😉

For everyone, who haven’t seen any Ted Talks, here’s an interesting one: Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (I’ll talk a bit about my schooling, too…)



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