I can tell my daily rehab routines later, but now I have something else to tell you…

The year was 2006, I was on my 9th grade in the upper secondary school, we had biology. The girls infront of me and my best friend, were crying. I asked them what was wrong, and they told that their really good friend had been seriously abused. It was about life and death.

May 2006.

I didn’t personally know this “Niklas Raho” yet , so I just listened the story, and was quite astonished how could the first aid personnel really just send him home, to “sober up”. He wasn’t in the fight himself, he was just helping a friend, who was threathened with a knife. The first aid didn’t notice anyting unusual, so they sent him home. Although, one punch in the face changed everything. He went home, and in the morning he fell to ground. His mother called the ambulance. His entire family’s life was going to change.

For me though, the life continued. I was a skier, I moved to another side of Finland, just started living my dream, became a pro-skier. Suddenly, it came to an end, but I survived.

This Monday we were at TPS-Inter football match. A guy came to me and told me, he had heard about my tragedy. That he had a son who had endured something quite similar, cause of an abuse. It was Niklas. I told him I knew the story. One thing let to another, and today, this Niklas came to see me in Synapsia. We talked a lot, two guys who can barely understand eachother… and now I’m telling you about him. The connection between us was astonishing, he’s just like me.

He couldn’t have prevented his accident, cause otherwise his friend would’ve been stabbed. I COULD’VE end my day of filming, but hey? C’mon. I wasn’t ready yet. I already got one shot, but it wasn’t smooth enough for me. Again I would’ve stomped the trick, had I just hit the LANDING. I did not. A blast of wind, which I couldn’t notice, screwed me up. The rest is history…

Niklas today!



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