Today gave me the feeling of going back to the roots. It began by going to Radio City, to record some “Vuoden turkulainen” – interview. Turku is my home town and, hereΒ I’ve been born and raised… until the skiing career.

I'm the first! At least on the poster...

I’m the first! At least on the poster…

I moved to the whole opposite side of Finland, and even though I moved back to Turku after injuring myself… I feel like I’m at home, in whichever Finnish town I go to. I looked at the link’s comments, which I shared in Facebook, and now I’m kind of amazed how much love did I already receive, from all over Finland! Thank you πŸ™‚

I suspect that, Robin Packalen is going to win anyways, hands down… but still it feels great that, my home town Turku, has memorized me like this. So whatever happens, will happen! And I’m very stoked to be a part of this! πŸ™‚

Now, to the other great stuff which, I went back to today. I know I’ve used to go to the Reebok CrossFit Turku at every Wednesday-morning, but lately I’ve been tied elsewhere. My man Tuomo invited me there today, and told me to bring my girlfriend with me. We went to the Box, and we worked out. For everyone’s great relieve, I sucked. I’m not a Super Man, at least not yet… Apparently, taking a Christmas – break of 4 weeks, causes just as bad fading in my condition, as in anyone’s.

I’ve already started to fight back to better condition, though! And so should everyone, who’s not stoked about their condition!



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