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Monday – Bloggingday!

The last week was splendid! I was at the Nordic Business Forum last Friday and I’ve gotta say that, I had a BLAST! My NB-Forum began unbelievably with, meeting the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger! but that, is a huge thing. So huge alone… that I’ll write a post from that meeting only. I don’t have the good photos from the meeting of ours yet, cause the management of Arnold hasn’t sent them yet, so it is not this post. On Friday though, I participated the exhibition as a normal guest.

The first speech for me, was Tony Fernandes's. It was a good speech. It became very clear to me straight away, that last Friday was going to be a valuable day.

The first speech for me, was Tony Fernandes’. It was a good speech. It became very clear to me straight away, that last Friday was going to be a valuable day.

Maybe my favorite speech ever, so far... Sir Ken Robinson. I just love the way Ken thinks. Sir Ken, I mean :)

Maybe my favorite speech ever, so far… was Sir Ken Robinson’s. I just love the way Ken thinks. Sir Ken, I mean, of course… :)

The final speech of the day was Sir Alex Ferguson's, my friend Jere (team FightBack) had been flattering him all day, and at the end... he delivered.

The final speech of the day was Sir Alex Ferguson’s, my friend Jere (team FightBack) had been flattering him all day, and at the end… he delivered.


I have been living at my  favorite hotel, Scandic Park, for the whole week… and they have taken a magnificent care of me! It’s really amazing, to have been given such an awesome possibility. Thanks Scandic! Otherwise I’d have to just sit on a train, which kind of gets really boring in the long run… Now, instead o justf getting bored by sitting in a train, I get to do things here (hit the gym, run and everything…) and I couldn’t be happier!

Scandic is FRESH, as the salad I was just served at FAMU (Scandic Park's restaurant...)

Scandic is FRESH, just like this salad I was just served at the FAMU (Scandic Park’s restaurant…) which also takes a magnificent care of me!

Next weekend yet another very interesting exhibition shall go off, I love me – in Helsinki Exhibition center. So I need to stay in Helsinki, for yet another week. You’ll see, why I’m giving Scandic hotels all the props. The I love me, is so interesting for me, mainly because I get to work there. I get to work for FightBack, under two different employers, PlatinOro and GYMSTICK. PlatinOro shall have a stand with all their mighty fine pieces of jewellery and I’m coming around for the FightBack necklace… and the GYMSTICK – thing… this is big.

We had a photo shoot of the FightBack training equipment last week and I've gotta say that... I LOVE THEM!

We had a photo shoot of the FightBack training equipment last week and I’ve gotta say that… I LOVE THEM!

This is so big, I’m giving a whole private chapter for it. It’d be big enough to get a whole post of its own, but I’ll just try to squeeze the exhibition invitation here (you’ll hear more of this in the future…): Welcome to the launching ceremony of the FightBack training line, in the Helsinki exhibition center on Saturday 17.10 at 10:15-10:45 at the department 6h51.  The FightBack products shall be present at the exhibitions for the whole weekend, at 6 P 81. For those of you, who can’t join us at the exhibitions, and even for you who will… !


P. S. I’m still super honored to have met Arnold! Check out my Instagram for more, or just be patient… and someone… please teach me to be patient, too!  I can’t wait for the photos.

Fall 2014!!!!!

I’m quite excited. All the usual being alive stuff, life rocks and all that, but first of all… the Fall is here!

I’m not usually a huge fan of the Fall, but usually, it’s very rainy. It’s just humid and boring. Now then again, it’s not! It’s super fresh, colorful and bright! Pekka likes :)

We were taking photos of this Fall’s new beanie colors yesterday. We, was me, my very beautiful GF, her very beautiful friend and Samu Franzen. You’ll see more later.

Yesterday's trio.

Yesterday’s trio.

There was one new beanie to photograph though; a very light Grey one. It’s great for sports during seasons like Fall, and since it is Fall now… I put it on and went running!


Positivity ROCKS!

I feel shamed for myself. Yesterday my phone dropped out of my pocket as I was pedaling to the photo shoot with Michael Monroe. Once I got home and figured out, that I don’t have my phone here either, I panicked. It was no fun. Everything I had in my schedule for the next few days, so tens of things… felt to have been lost all of a sudden. I went to sleep, feeling myself angry, and quite naked.

This morning, then again, I woke up happy. I remembered the phone episode, I had flipped out for my operator for not opening up my SIM card, which was shut down, just because of my own wish… But we couldn’t call the phone. We were powerless. If the founder wanted to return it honestly, we couldn’t call him. Everything felt to be collapsing… Until, I remembered, it’s just a phone. Not a matter of life and death, a PHONE. My operator DNA had read my Tweets of this matter, and they wanted to help. They re-opened up my SIM again, and my mom called my phone… the founder picked up.

He was ready to return the phone, for a reward of 10 €! We gave him 20, and this feels amazing! Not the fact, that I regained the possession of my phone, but the fact that, as soon as I woke up and quit being too negative, everything worked out! That must be the power of positive thoughts. Really, when you just spread positive vibes, good things will happen.

I needed this. I had gotten too serious under all these work tasks… way too serious. Now I will just let the thing, why I’m liked at the first place, my smile and positivity, ROCK!

Yesterday's best part. I'm honored. Michael is a Boss!

Yesterday’s best part. I’m honored. Michael is a Boss!



Photo with Michael Monroe.

Photo with Michael Monroe.

I’m on mute. I would’ve published that^ photo in Instagram otherwise… but my smartphone fell out of my pocket as I drove to take it. I would tell you in detail, how good of a guy Michael was, but I’m a bit stressed cause of the phone thing…



Valitettavasti en tällä kertaa voi täyttää pyyntöänne. :/ Kalenterini on todella täysi, ja minun pitää jättää aikaa kuntoutumiselleni. Päiväni täyttyvät vielä kuitenkin pääosin itseni kuntouttamisesta. Se on tällä hetkellä tärkein työni.

-Näin olen joutunut viime aikoina vastaamaan moniin-, aivan liian moniin pyyntöihin… Vaikka pyynnöt ovat lähes kaikki olleet mielenkiintoisia, jotka toteuttaisinkin erittäin mielelläni. Minulle on hiljattain alkanut käymään selväksi etten ehkä… olekaan supermies. VÄLTTÄMÄTTÄ!

– Ymmärrän, että ajatus voi kuulostaa teistäkin uskomattomalta. Tämänhetkinen tilanteeni kuitenkin on niin siisti, että duunia olisi jopa niin paljon, että jopa minä, joudun jättämään väliin myös monia asioita, joita tahtoisin tehdä!

Termillä “Duuni”, viittaan kaikkeen. Pelkistetysti “FightBack”:iini, eli omaan kuntoutukseeni, esiintymisiin siellä sun täällä, puheisiin, haastatteluihin, jne. ja niin joo, vielä ne kirja-asiat… tähän kaiken päälle! :D

Yritän parhaani mukaan suoriutua kaikesta, niin hyvin kuin pystyn, sekä informoida teitä lähes kaikesta! Kaikista asioista, paitsi yllätyksistä. Yllätyksiäkin TOTTAKAI, on tiedossa! ;) Muutenhan elämä kävisi tylsäksi. Onneksi minulla kuitenkin on TIIMINI, TEAMFIGHTBACK-, joka auttaa minua selviämään kaikesta. Duunia lienee kuitenkin riittävästi… ;)

Tässä on kuva päivän ensimmäisestä kokouksesta. Sillä aikaa taapahtumaan on vielä lähes vuosi, ehdimme istua alas vielä usein!

Tässä on kuva ensimmäisestä ensi-vuoden juoksua koskevasta kokouksesta. Sillä tapahtumaan on aikaa vielä lähes vuosi, ehdimme istua alas vielä useasti!

Sorry for all the English speaking readers, this was a post of all the work I’ve got to do, and I’ve got a lot of it! So much, that I won’t translate it this time… ;)




I’m driving myself crazy. I need to get some things to do. This whining to you about how bored am I, is like the high point of my day… well, at least the second highest top ten!

I’ve been crying to my coach about this “taking it easy”, too… He just said that: “this is a part of the sport…” “sucks, I know, but just wait.” “Just a few weeks, and you’re good to go… but you can do opening exercises now.”

I’ve done those. Stretching and some a bit more active moves, like the ones with a stick.

And not with just any kind of a stick, with a GYMSTICK.

And not with just any kind of a stick, with a GYMSTICK.

But those exercises don’t make me tired, tired enough to dodge getting bored. Just like running makes me. I can’t wat to get to make myself exhausted!

Attitude Problems!

It’s really rainy outside, but… I’m not gonna cry to you about it! What I am going to do, then again… is to talk to you about the things I like. They are way nicer things, than the rain!

At first I’ll try to tell you about my day, which IS THE RAIN, and that’s enough about that. In a nut shell, nothing has changed. I went for a jog last Saturday and it was still rougher than usually, so I’ve gotta take it easy for a while longer. My main man, coach Topi said that, this sometimes happens to athletes. After a peak in their condition, usually after an important competition or something, they have gone all out and need to rest. I can’t really consider myself as an athlete anymore, but I did go all out, so I’ve gotta rest. 

But… I want to do stuff! That’s my attitude problem. I can’t just lay down and take it easy, even if I should.

I’m rather doing all kinds of nice things, on daily basis! :P Right now, for instance, I’m competing with Robin Packalen, Jethro Rosted, Juhani Tamminen, and a few others, of who of us is going to get a star of his own to Turun Veistämöntori! You can vote here:

I’m not doing anything in the election process, except telling you about it. Yesterday I did something, something nice, and in my own opinion… something kind of funny! We “played” a little agility with my girlfriend’s friend’s agility track in Parainen. Viivus has been really talented in agility and she still can understand the dogs, in a way which just blows my mind… so that’s what we did. Even I ended up getting a few new friends, myself!

His name is Önne, a really chill kind of a dog! He doesn't do agility.

His name is Önne, a really chill kind of a dog! He doesn’t do agility.

This fella Sinko (Bazooka...) then again rocked agility like the old master he is!

This fella Sinko (Bazooka…) then again rocked agility like the old master he is!

The dogs’ owner Noora, is the founder of

Valio Riisuttu Valinta


Tämä on Riisuttu Valinta, juotava rahka.

Tämä on Valion Riisuttu Valinta, juotava rahka.

Viikot sen kuin vierivät, ja vihdoin aion minäkin saada itsestäni ulos, jotain Valion uuteen rahkajuomaan liittyen. Sain kutsun elokuun alussa järjestettyihin Valion kuvauksiin, jonne oli lisäkseni tulossa kuulemma jotain nättejä bloggaaja tyttöjä (Oona Tolppanen, Steffit ja Nata…)

Minua eivät onnellisen parisuhteeni puolesta niinkään kiinnostaneet toiset tytöt, vaan Valion uusi tuote. Se kiinnostaa vieläkin, ja myönnettäköön, että nimensä saaminen samaan listaan Valion entuudestaan tuttujen mallien, kuten Teemu Selänteen sekä Kiira Korven kanssa, toimi kivana plussana…

Kuvauksiin kutsutut bloggaaja tytöt, ja minä… olemme kaikki urheilullisia. Rakastamme… ainakin minä rakastan omaa kehoani/kehoamme, ja siitä Valion uudessa tuotteessa on kyse. Välipalajuoma, jonka avulla voit “riisua” vartalosi siihen kuntoon, että olet siihen tyytyväinen.

Riisuttu valinta

Riisuttu valinta / Samuli Karala

Omalta osaltani kuvaukset sujuivat helposti. Olen myös melko tyytyväinen vartalooni. Sillä välin kun tytöt joutuivat riisumaan itsensä täysin alasti, minun ei tarvinut riisua kuin paita.

I’ll Get Better – I’ll Fight Back!

I’m still feeling a bit down after the flu. I know that, running the FightBack Run as fast as possible, on flu… might not have been the smartest thing for me to do. I wasn’t healthy, for God’s sakes! But I finished it. So after it, on last weeks Saturday, all was good with the World again. Except that…

My flu kept on getting worse. My fever rose a bit right after I finished the Run, but as it settled down in a few hours or so, I thought I’ was all good. I was told to take a few days off, so I did. I rested three days, after which I went to the gym. I was still a bit on flu, but it wasn’t nearly that bad.

Until on Thursday morning I went for a jog. It wasn’t as bad as on Saturday, I mean, but I didn’t run nearly as vigorously. I just jogged, and ended up feeling weak? Finally that, made me to realize that “I’ve need to rest, really…”

Since then, my life has been hard. This may sound like a paradise for some of you, just resting and doing nothing, but it’s not. It’s very boring. The only sensible thing I get to do, is eating vitamins and maybe do some easy exercise, like walking outside in warm clothing. So boring, but I want to win this flu and to be able to some awesome air kicks again!

P.S. I almost shared some photos of trying to be cool and taking it easy, but since it’s not possible, I won’t!

Me Juostiin! – WE RAN!

Pidin puheen ennen lähtöä.

Pidin puheen ennen lähtöä.

Koska ensimmäisen FightBack Runin kaikki? osannottajat olivat suomenkielisiä, myös postaukseni tulee suomeksi. Ainakin pääosin. Eilinen oli mahtava päivä. Kohdaltani todella raskas, mutta erittäin mahtava! Pystyin puristamaan itsestäni kaiken pihalle, paitsi kyyneleet. No okei… saattoi minulla pari tippaakin käydä linssissä ;)

Lähinnä kuitenkin vain hikeä, sekä oksennusta… :)

Alkupäässä vedin letkaa innokkaana!

Alkupäässä vedin letkaa innokkaana!

Katsokaa mikä porukka!

Katsokaa mikä porukka!

Itse juoksumatkan ei olisi pitänyt olla minulle tosiaankaan noin paha. Ei edes, vaikka lähdin juoksemaan rajojeni ulkopuolella. Tuolta ylhäältä RUN- otsikon alta löydätte koko juoksuni nauhalta… :) Kiitos kaikille osanottajille, ensi vuonna vedetään tuplat! Silloin en ota mitään edeltävälle viikolle, enkä oksenna (toivottavasti, ei takuita…) :)



Noin 20 min. maaliintulon jälkeen oloni oli, hieman hapokas...

Noin 20 min. maaliintulon jälkeen oloni oli, hieman hapokas…

Iso-tätini Anja oli myös mukana, tämäkös minut saa ylpeäksi!

Tahdoin saada kaikki, jotka eivät normaalisti lenkkeile mukaan! Myös iso-tätini Anja kuuluu heihin, tämäkös sai minut ylpeäksi!

For you English readers: We ran the FightBack Run vol.1 yesterday. It was a really hard of a day for me. You can watch the whole event, from the RUN – title up there^:) NEXT YEAR’S FIGHTBACK RUN, is going to take place in Turku, as well. If you want to participate, be awake! It will be great! :)