Hello, good morning! I know, that as you’re reading this, it may be an evening… depending on your location, of course. I wrote this already in the morning. I woke up quite early again, cause I have an early rhythm. This is perfect. I get so much done in the day-time, and I sleep way better this way.

I’m publishing this on the evening, cause even though I like to be an temporary early-bird, I know that everyone else does not. I may find writing the post before mid-day comfortable, but I don’t find the analytics of my page visitors being 0, comforting at all… So this is what I’m going to do every time I am an Early-bird.

^That was on the morning time…
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Since then, I’ve just had a blast. First I went to enjoy a cup of espresso with my good buddy Juhan, from back in my basketball-days. He lives really close to an outside court, so we decided to go and throw some baskets. Juhan was pretty damn good, as he has always been, and I didn’t even suck SO bad… I managed to score, multiply, to the basket, with the ball.


This made me so excited, that I went to buy an basketball of my own, straight away. After the shopping I went for coffee with my CrossFit-instructor Tuomo. From that coffee time I don’t have much to say… Sun was shining and I had fun. He’s a nice Fella. Then I came back home and ate. Now I’m writing this. I should go to bed early, and sleep well. First I thought I’d do this cause of my tomorrow’s running mission, but now I got the news that, that ain’t gonna happen… Instead, I’ll go to throw my new basketball, and to swim! We’ll capture the running, or trying to run, on the weekend!

Tuomo the other one of Turku's first CrossFit instructors.

Tuomo the other one of Turku’s first CrossFit instructors.

This is me.

This is me, and my little mustache.



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