We took a false start in celebrating the US independence day yesterday, at the US Helsinki Embassy. And boy I’ve gotta say that… I have never been prized so generously for a false start! I truly hope that you guys in the USA, are having this much fun too, when the actual independence day comes around! It was really fun!

As soon as I declare that, the invitation came as a huge surprise to us, I’m going to give the night in pictures for you!

The invitation to the Embassy was a huge surprise. Photos:

Ja lopuksi vielä suomeksi, Iltalehti vähän oikoo mutkia: http://m.iltalehti.fi/viihde/2015061719883973_vi.shtml

Sanoin: “Vietetään ihan just hopea hääpäivää! Eka pitää vaan mennä naimisiin…” Jutusta voitte lukea, miltä tämä näyttää paperilla. 😀




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