Today’s blogpost is going to be a bit shorter again, or I guess, this is getting pretty usual lenght of posts, for me… I’m going to get meself together, and I’m going to do big changes considering things like my blogging… I have a great story to tell, and I’m going to need some more help getting it out to you…

And that’s why we had a long conversation with Makke, Jari, Jere and Jussi today. I know I am an inspiration to thousands. In my opinion it’s not ME, myself, I hope…  but it’s, what I’m doing. How I do it, and how everyone can change their attitude towards life. How great this is, and how you musn’t bow down.

But quite frankly, I’m not going to say more… I’ll load up some photos for you, caption them, and we (my brothers, the loveliest mom of mine and I) are going to go for a holiday, to Spain, on Saturday. I’m not going to write you tomorrow, NOR am I going to even take my laptop with me. I’m on holiday! Bye!

P. S. This wasn’t that short now, either… I’d want to start writing longer blogposts. I will start to write them to you, next year…



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