Almost a year ago, 7.11.2013, we made the rehabilitation struggle of mine, the Fight Back of my own, public in Sarasvuo. This year has been crazy. I have faced an amazing amount of support, tons of backup from almost everywhere and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m very grateful for the team, which had my back already back then. The team has come even tighter, and I love you all. I won’t crop up the team FightBack anyhow, if you know you have helped me-, or someone in need alike, you are in the team. Thank you.

This was the night.

This was the night. 

I will be a guest at Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew tomorrow, Thursday night. It was a Thursday night also a year ago, but many things have changed. On the top of my mind, lays running, but that is just the top. The most lays underneath it… A year ago in Sarasvuo, I told everybody about my dream-, the decision of mine… of running a marathon. During this year, I have learned to run a bit, actually a lot better… and we made the FightBack Run happen. 2,6 km, which I ran as fast as possible. Which wasn’t the smartest decision of mine yet… I curdled.

I wasn’t at Sarasvuo alone. I had my team on my back, and my girlfriend even in the air with me. That will be the same this year, except that… this is completely different. The team will be there, but my GF already knows. E&L were proper enough to tell us before hand. I just hope that, she can behave… or at least be a fool with style! 

The trio. Hopefully I'll be more alive tomorrow... ;)

The trio. Hopefully I’ll be more alive tomorrow… 😉




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