I don’t know, if you have noticed it… but my life has been pretty “hectic”… I’m everywhere, all the time. And this is just the way I love it, but I need a break from it all. A sort of timeout, to make me able to survive the certainly very hectic future. I can’t tell the future, but I hope it’s going to be busy. I love busyness, busyness means that, it can’t be boring.

Skiing is not boring, I love skiing. This “timeout”, could be just going skiing to the Alps with my friends, and I’d love it. It wouldn’t feel like a holiday though… I’m very lucky, to have lived a life in which, it’s an “everyday”. I want a timeout, though. This means the scenery, in which nobody knows who I am, this means: warm.

Right before I go though, I’ll have a little meeting considering the FightBook. I want to make it to rock your world. To rock your world so hard, that soon the place where no one’s heard of me… is the moon. The FightBook still needs some work though, so I’ll have to get into it before I’ll go. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to take a real “timeout” the next time, so you can be sure that I want to take the advantage of this break. The “break” now means that, I emptied my schedule for the beginning of the year 2015. The ISPO 2015 in the beginning of February, is the next event I’ll participate to!

I love this! When I'm coming back here, I'll go skiing and take way better photos for you!

I was skiing in Hirvensalo today. I love this! When I’ll come back here, I’ll go skiing again and take way better photos for you!

PS. I’ll promise to load up my batteries, during this timeout!



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