I was skiing, in Hirvensalo, in TURKU! Today was my first, but definitely not the last ski day in Hirvensalo of the season. I may have skied steeper, longer and generally better slopes in my days, but one thing wont ever change; Hirvensalo is my home center. A thing that I want to change ASAP, is that my home center rarely opens up early. 

This year, too, I’m trying to ski as much there, as conveniently possible. If it’s raining or icy, it’s not convenient. Once up on the time, back in the days, I had a goal: to be the best. I was training for it, a lot, and when you’ve got a goal, no such thing, as rain, can make you skip a ski day. There was so much more in my skiing, than just BECOMING the best. It was very fun. I was free. I could do almost what ever I wanted. Or at least, I could try to do that. I just wanted to become the best. I tried to do it.

I failed, and it sucked. But today… didn’t suck at all! Most of my days, do not suck at all. As a skier, I guess I’m “descent”, or even “good”… in someone’s opinion. In the opinion of my own, then again, I’m very bad. I’ve evolved though, when I first started skiing after my injury… I was horrible. My ability to control my body, has gotten way better. Even though I’d be a very bad skier, I’m maybe the most stoked continuously this bad skier, there is! I love skiing and I love sports.

I don’t try to express my love for skiing, or any sport only by doing them myself, because… we’ve already established that I’m not so talented. Every sport I do nowadays, I do because doing them is so damn fun. I am having a blast. My dream; my mission nowadays, is to get everyone else to figure out, too, how damn fun thing these sports are. And with the FightBack, I hope to be able to open some shut doors, which have remained shut, for people who can’t open them their selves.

The mission of this blogpost, then again, is not only to tell you how sick of a snowy day I had, but to hopefully get you out your couch and go to enjoy the fresh air outside!

At first I was pretty excited...

At first I was pretty excited…

After the first run, I got happier...

After the first run, I got happier…

Finally... I was 100% STOKED!

Finally…  100% STOKED!




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