I have just faced a huge of a bummer this morning. I have faced a numerous amount of bummers  like this before, but this one, is somehow different. You know what I’m talking about?

-I didn’t think so…

This, is a bummer with many different kinds of sides on it, just like bummers usually do… but what’s unusual in this bummer here, is that I’m very uncertain, if this even is anyhow a bad thing. And thus, I’m quite uncertain, if this is called a bummer, at all… I’m quite certain though, that you can call me a lucky boy. On the more positive side of things; the headline “A Beautiful Bummer”, was a really great of a headline, in my opinion…

The BUMMER I’m talking about, is that I’m alone again. Buu-huu. I’m so lonely! :'(


My lovely, beautiful GF Viivus, left back to Copenhagen this morning. I escorted her to the bus stop, in the horrible weather. A thing which is certain again, is that this winter’s weather has been horrible. No one, can possibly be fond of the +4 C°, and rainy weather… not even me, ESPECIALLY, NOT ME. Where were we? Yes, she left me again. And I was sarcastic of being lonely. Now I can seriously say, that this is great! Or if not great, at least good. She is stoked about this opportunity, and I of course like her to be happy. I’m quite busy right now, and thus, I wouldn’t have enough time for her. She’s happier in Copenhagen, and I want her to be happy.

We had our first year anniversary last Saturday, and Viivus bought this for me. I love them!

We had our first year anniversary last Saturday and Viivus bought this for me, and made me very happy! I love them!

We had so much fun last weekend and Friday. We must be grateful for the Scandic hotel, the chain, who gave us the Thursday night’s superb accommodation at Hilton Helsinki Airport, and for Blanko, the restaurant in Turku, for the Friday night’s lovely dinner and Sunday’s brunch. They made it almost impossible for us, not to enjoy ourselves. Thank you! What we could do by just ourselves though, was having a blast with each other, laughing at each other and normal relationship stuff… now I’m starting to miss her… I don’t want to miss her, too much, so cheers! 




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